Your Guide To Smaller Pores Routine Set

Your Guide To Smaller Pores Routine Set
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This is a set containing all the recommended products in the 5 Steps To Smaller Pores series, 

This set contains:

1) Vacuum Cleaner Oil (travel size)

2) Rose Foaming Cleanser (travel size)

3) Got Grits Set

4) Beauty Water (travel size)

5) Soy and Rice Scrub Mask (travel size)

6) Dorian Gray Serum (travel size)

7) Donkey Milk Gel Sleeping Pack (travel size) 

You can download the accompanying infographic PDF which outlines a suggested weekly routine here


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Everything I wanted in a set, it’s Perfect

First, I just LOVE that there is a set to purchase. Second, This set is everything I wanted to try as a SB newbie. The first Items tried was the Got Grits set and the Rose balm had a lovely scent and really leaves your skin soft and hydrated. (This was first time I ever used a cleansing balm).
I’ve used a charcoal mask before but this Bethany mask was much better, it wasn’t thick and hard at all and gets the gunk out.
The Vacuum cleaner cleansing oil is truely a must to get, i massage my face with this oil for a few minutes and it greatly improves my skin with getting the dirt off and believe it or not... removes that oily T-zone I have. Yes this oil removes oil!! The Best part to me is that it doesn’t leave that dry Soap residue feeling after using like other non-SB products I’ve used.
The Beauty Water was a bit strong for me the first few days but after that it feels lovely going on and smells lovely AND really cleans so well even after washing your face, it removes anything left behind. I also use this on my chest and neck.
I use Dorian Gray every other night and i can already see the two wrinkles above my nose and between my eyes disappear!!!
Rose foaming cleanser is used daily as my second step face cleanser (after vacuum cleaner) and this size has lasted me over a month. The Rose scent is not strong at all. I love the color and consistency of this.
I have only used the Soy & Rice scrub mask as a facial scrub and it exfoliates very gently which I was hoping it would.
And last, Donkey Milk gel sleeping pack is another must to seal in all the good stuff you just put on your skin and let it work it’s magic over night. I just use warm water and wash cloth in morning to wipe off and I don’t need a face moisturizer, it’s amazing stuff!!

Deep cleansing those pores

I already knew I was getting hooked on the double cleansing and the rose balm and foaming rose cleanser are great. Even better results with a face brush—I am using the FOREO. I really wanted to try Vacuum Cleaner and thought it might be like a biore nose strip but it doesn’t work that fast so survey still open on that one. It may be too drying on my cheeks. The beauty water still stings but it is worth it to me. I do think the double cleansing is getting a better clean so the exfoliating beauty water is able to clean deeper into those pores—-only way to get them to shrink is to get that deep clean. The charcoal mask I have been using for spot treatment—blemish be gone in less than 2 days. My absolute favorite find is the donkey milk sleeping pack. Smells divine and perfect moisturizer which I use twice a day. I have always been complimented on my skin but I feel it is looking healthier from deeper within and I am looking forward to adding in the other steps as in maybe Dorian will take away my forehead dent?!?!

After 3 days I knew this was a different kind of skincare!

I have tried many different lines of skincare but these products are different....within a week of using these products religiously, I have a glow that I've never seen before and I'm using less concealer than I have in years! This is HUGE for a 46 year old mother of three! I cannot wait to try more! I 'm recruiting my BFF to try as well!

I wish I started using this years ago!

This is such a great assortment of products! During my first use, there was so much ick that came out of my pores! It exceeded well beyond all my expectations! I am definitely noticing a difference in the smoothness of my skin and absolutely in love with the results so far! My skin is purging a little (as I had been expecting) but is clearing up MUCH faster than ever before. The results I've seen from such a short amount of time makes me wish that I started using this sooner.

It works!!!!

Not sure where to begin! This set has so many great products all wrapped in one cute small blue box. I did loosely follow the guide on how to get smaller pores. The first step that I used was the Vacuum Cleaner Cleanser and WOAH, let me tell you...this stuff actually works. It really cleans your pores out and the first time that I used it, a bunch of stuff came out and similar to others, I had a few breakouts at first but it quickly went away after using VCCO for about 5-6 days. After this step, I used the Rose Foaming Cleanser, which is key to make sure that all VCCO is off your face. Once a week, I use the Soy and Scrub Mask which makes your face really soft. I have tried to use it multiple times a week but found that it was a little too much for my face so I'm sticking to the once a week right now. After the scrub mask, I use some sort of serum and finally that's followed by Donkey Milk. I do use the Beauty Water in the morning to take off the sleeping pack and sometimes after working out because my face feels gross! The bottom line is that these products work and I love how it has changed the size of my pores!

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