Winter Box

Winter Box

$ 170.00


  1. First, I put in the Soy and Rice Scrub Mask sample ($20, 0.5oz) for you to start your routine. You need a gentle, pampering exfoliant to slough off dead skin and improve how your skin absorbs goodness. I used Soy and Rice powders as they are are well known in East Asian cultures for brightening and skin-polishing qualities.

  2. I followed this up the Nourish Oil Mask sample ($20, 7ml), a spa-type oil mask treatment chock full of antioxidants from blueberry seed, argan oil and elderberry fruit extract. You use Nourish after the Soy and Rice Scrub Mask to deeply penetrate nutrients into your skin and allow it to rebuild. Nourish is also one of our community's best loved products, and the Box is your first chance to get it (it only will be separately available in February)!

  3. Next, I added a brand new product to use the magic of the peat bog for your skin to rejuvenate itself--the Peat Serum sample ($20, 7ml). Peat has amazing preservative qualities, and known to prevent and reverse signs of aging through scavenging free radicals, boosting collagen production, improving cell turnover, skin elasticity and tightening pores. Our Peat Serum is 93% peat extract and makes its first appearance in this box (it only launches as a standalone product in February).

  4. Then, I placed in a Sleeping Beauty Facial Oil sample ($75, 7ml), with retinol to treat that pesky acne that often appears when your skin is dehydrated from the winter, and the resurgence of wrinkles. Sleeping Beauty Oil comes with Blue Tansy oil to help redness and irritation, and Borage and Sea Buckthorn oils for deep healing of your skin's moisture barrier.

  5. Finally, I added in a FULL SIZED Rose Body Crème  (a whopping 8 ounces, which will last you the entire winter. Retails $50) a deep moisturizer which will heal the skin on your body. It's so strong that you won't find yourself needing to constantly reapply it. This new formulation is more easily absorbed, with Shea butter for the ultimate in luxury moisture, avocado and coconut oils for extra antioxidant power, and chamomile extract for healing that dry, tight winter skin.

  6. An insert explaining the items in the box and how to use them to supercharge your winter routine.


  • Everything in the regular Winter Box and: 
  • The Snow Sleeping Cream sample ($20, 5ml). Snow is rich in the most healing ingredients for dry, ravaged skin, including Borage Oil, Ginseng Extract, Chamomile Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract. I’ve also included a gentle fruit acid complex that will mildly exfoliate your skin to allow the healing ingredients to better penetrate.

  • Our Sake and Fermented Rice Sleeping Pack sample ($15, 5ml). A Sabbatical Beauty classic, this sleeping pack brings together sake extract, which is known for its amazing anti aging qualities, as well as four types of rice. Rice, because of its high concentration of B vitamins, help to brighten skin. This sleeping pack has become so synonymous with sleep for many of our community members that they find themselves unable to fall asleep without it.

Customer Reviews

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Winter Box

Winter Wonderland!

This box has been amazing! Winters in Chicago can be harsh with the cold temperatures and windy conditions. This box allows me to combat all these winter conditions. In particular, the Rose Body Cream is amazing to use after a skin is so much softer and I look forward to using it every morning. Now the dry skin is gone! My favorite is probably Peat which has drastically changed my face; in fact, I use it once in the morning and once at night so I'll need to get a full size bottle! Peat has made it look brighter and less oily! Finally, the snow cream is one that I use at night as my last step and I absolutely LOVE the smell and my skin just soaks it in. There are so many great products in this box...definitely worth the purchase!

Winter box bring snow to my tropic countrt

Peat is awesome that help to control oil. SBO leave my skin soft the next day. Use nourish mask is my first time as it is oil mask. It is also multi task as make up remover while travelling on road carrying less skincare products. Awesome!!


I have tried several of the serums and oils and Nourish is really a special treat. It stands out with its delightful scent and skin smoothing abilities. Wonderful product which I’ll be purchasing in a full size soon!

Saved Winter Skin!

I am new to SB and decided to try the Deluxe Winter Box. I didn’t know if I would like the scent of Rose Creme, but it’s not overpowering and the moisturizing it brings saved my dry, cracked heels, elbows, and dry, itchy calves. I’ve enjoyed the sleeping Creme/pack which are very moisturizing. The serums are lush. Most important, my skin is soft and smooth, and my Rosacea has improved. I also purchased the VCCO, which is a new idea to use an oil for a double-cleanse. In all, I’m happy with my purchase.

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