Winter Box 2019
Winter Box 2019

Winter Box 2019

$ 170.00

Winter is my most cruel season. I was dropped into a -20F Michigan in January as a bewildered, confused exchange student from Singapore in January 2001. Snow was a big shock. I learned the hard way that I needed moisturizer. Worst of all, my dermatologist declared me allergic to ALL moisturizers, so I endured red, leathery skin, multiple breakouts and more, Every. Single. Winter. Despite trying everything, my skin didn't fundamentally change until I created Sabbatical Beauty products.

Why do most winter moisturizers consistently need to be reapplied? Why don't they simply "work"?  The answer -- because they only address the superficial elements of the problem. They give your skin moisture, but they do not give your skin the nourishment it needs to heal itself.

This is where Sabbatical Beauty and the Winter Box are different. Our products fundamentally deliver high levels of effective botanical ingredients to your skin, so your skin can start to heal itself on its own. You'll see as you continue to use the box that you're going to need less and less of each product.

So join me this winter in saying goodbye to all that and saying hello to your glowiest, most luminous winter complexion ever. On this page, you can sign up to get our Early Bird Pricing--only available for two days once the box launches, and exclusive to people who sign up for our Early Bird list.

The Standard Box Contains:

Bamboo Cleansing Balm (travel size), Rice Against the Patriarchy Cleansing Milk (travel size), Botanical Gel Mask (travel size), Radiance Serum (travel size), Donkey Cream (travel size), Snow Sleeping Cream (travel size), Coffee Hair Oil (travel size), Burgundy Lip Tint (full size), Day Spa Body Cream (full size).

The Deluxe Box Contains:

Everything in the Standard Box, and: Rosehip Healing Oil (full size) and Milk Cream Mask (travel size).


Standard Box: $170

Deluxe Box: $210

Customer Reviews

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Winter skin? No problem!

I have been using a few choice SB products for the past couple of years: Sleeping Beauty Oil, Sake and Fermented Rice Sleeping Pack, Sakekasu Mask (for spot treating acne flareups), as well as trying out various other products at different times. However, having an entire winter routine set and using morning and evening has been huge--amazing really. I live in a very dry climate, and especially in the winter, my skin gets patchy and red and unhappy. But the Winter Box has changed that. I am hooked on double cleansing now, and I LOVE the oil cleanser in the box. Getting a chance to try out Snow and Donkey creams was great. I particularly love Donkey Cream now, and since I'm out of it--I will be buying a full sized version soon. I've also really loved the Day Spa Body Cream. The full sized is enormous, and I barely have to use any to get the full nourishing effects. I use it on my hands every time I wash them throughout the day (because the climate is so dry here), and I've still barely made a dent in the jar. I also use it after showering on my legs, arms, etc. Anyway, going full into a winter routine has been a dream for my skin and for my self-care routine. This has been the best winter yet!

Winter box

Great products - I’ve seen a real difference in my skin. Love it!


The box had a lot of things I had not tried before, plus all the new releases which was great. The winner for me was the Day Spa body lotion. I'm just staying ahead of my rapidly drying skin this winter, and this lotion does the trick.

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