The Shower Bomb Box (Limited Edition)
The Shower Bomb Box (Limited Edition)

The Shower Bomb Box (Limited Edition)
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Pamper yourself with our aromatherapy Shower Bomb box--that comes with SIX different shower bombs!

What are Shower Bombs? Well, ever been jealous of all those people with bath bombs because you only take showers? Well, now you can join in with our Shower Bombs -- the perfect aromatherapy experience for your shower!  Shower bombs are the shower equivalent of bath bombs Once you add water, the bomb will fizz away in the shower providing you with the perfect aromatherapy experience.

You’ll get SIX shower bombs in this box, all scented with delicious essential oils: 1. Lemongrass 2. Lavender 3. Peppermint 4. Grapefruit Tangerine, 5. Eucalyptus and 6. Orange. Each Shower Bomb weighs 3.5 oz.  The box also comes with an insert that explains how to use the Shower Bombs and decodes them by color.  

This is a limited edition box and will not be restocked. We only have fifty of these in stock, and they aren't coming back! 

Ingredients: Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Isopropyl Alcohol, Essential Oil

Instructions: To use, simply place the bomb in the shower. If you place it directly under the shower stream, you will have a stronger aromatherapy experience and the bomb will last a shorter time. To maximize the bomb (but have a more dilute aromatherapy experience), just place the bomb on a dish a little out of the way of the stream so it only gets a little wet. Also, please do NOT use your Shower Bomb in the bath! They are made with a high concentration of essential oils and make irritate your skin! 


Customer Reviews

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Burst of energy or relaxation

I absolutely loved the experience of the shower bombs!! Anything that helps me relax, slow down, and breath in during my shower really rejuvenates me. My favorite was the orange - very energizing and uplifting - like a watt of fresh fruit while taking a shower. Absolutely lovely!!

These shower bombs are AMAZING

I don't have a tub in my home, so when I saw these, I knew I had to have them. They are AMAZING! The scents are fabulous, not overwhelming and having the box open on my desk makes a lovely out of shower aromatherapy experience in itself! :)

Like being hugged in the shower

I absolutely love these shower bombs from Sabbatical Beauty. Not only was I gifted them from this awesome company, they live up to their name, and more. Eucalyptus is one of my favorite scents, and the shower bomb did not disappoint. Literally felt hugged by the enveloping scent...not too strong, not gone in an instant, but just perfect. I find that if I place them in the right corner of the shower where they get a soft sprinkling of water, I can get three 15 minute showers out of each one! I keep them in a basket in my open bathroom closet, and they fill the air with their lovely scents as they wait patiently to be used. 100% in love with these. Thank you Sabbatical Beauty!

Bomb box is the Bomb!

What a lovely little treat this Shower Bomb Box was! A little give for myself because self-love is so important. Grapefruit Tangerine was my absolute favorite!

as if I needed a reason to stay in the shower longer...

I was so excited to try these beautiful showe4 bombs. As per usual, Sabbatical Beauty exceeded my expectations. I started with the eucalyptus because it was my least favorite scent (just in general). It was divine. The scent lasted the whole shower (shout-out to Adeline for the hopeful how-to video), but it wasn’t overpowering to say the least. I’d definitely indulge in these again!

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