Solid Gold Sampler Gift Set
Solid Gold Sampler Gift Set

Solid Gold Sampler Gift Set
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$ 132.00

Solid Gold Sampler Set

Gold is both beautiful and highly beneficial to your skin. Real 24k gold instantly dissolves upon application to smoothen fine lines and brighten your complexion. We combined Sabbatical Beauty’s gold products to create this luxurious sampler set exclusively for our FROST holiday collection.

While all the items in this set retail at $203, we’re offering the set at $132--a discount of more than 35%! Because of this low price, quantities are extremely limited.


Set Includes:

Ekaterina Luxury Cream (Sample, 0.5oz. retails at $75): Released with our CRISP fall collection, Ekaterina is the ultimate skin cream. With four types of caviar extract full of Omega 3s to combat aging and dullness, three types of gold to brighten skin and white truffle extract which is high in Vitamin B complexes beneficial for skin health, this is the most luxurious products we have ever made.

Champagne & Gold Body Cream (Sample, 2oz. retails at $50.00): Feel like you just stepped into a lively party full of champagne with this deliciously fizzy-smelling body cream. Champagne & Gold is full of skin nourishing ingredients such as shea, aloe and fermented bamboo water, a natural alternative to silicone, to help the cream glide onto the skin, absorb rapidly, and lock in moisture. Flakes of 24k gold are mixed throughout the cream and sprinkled on top to help fill in fine lines and instantly brighten your complexion.

Lily & Gold Body Cream (Sample, 2oz. retails at $50): This body cream is full of the same nourishing ingredients as our Champagne & Gold only it is fragranced with the delicate scent of fresh lilies. It too contains luxurious 24k gold flakes but envelopes you in the subtle aroma of lilies instead.     

Camellia Gold Beauty Oil (Sample, 8mL, retails at $28): This facial oil is made of Camellia Japonica Oil, a skin-identical oil that absorbs immediately upon application, and Algae Oil, which contains the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties of algae. It’s topped off with luxurious 24k gold flakes that instantly brighten and illuminate.

Set Includes: Samples of Champagne & Gold Body Cream, Lily & Gold Body Cream, Ekaterina Luxury Cream, and Camellia Gold Beauty Oil

Sabbatical Beauty products are made without parabens



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