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Self Love Crystal Kit

  • Feeling like you need some calm and self-love? Join us by trying crystals on your healing journey!

    This kit contains 3 tumbled crystals selected to rejuvenate your mood and to encourage self-love. Crystals are between 1-1.5 inch in diameter. Crystals are responsibly sourced.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gretchen (Abbottstown, US)
Crystals?!?!? Wha?!

Unlike the other reviewers here, I know nothing about Crystals. Nothing. As in: Not. A. Thing. But I also did not know much about facial care/K-beauty and I learned through SB. I've been using SB products exclusively for about 3 years. So, when there were some Sabbatical Beauty Community Facebook Page posts and videos from founder Adeline Koh, I was intrigued, especially because like her (she admits this), I was so into YANG energy and everything male and fire-y. Crystals are balancing and help with your yin energy, and interestingly, I was reading about *that* elsewhere. When I saw that it only 10 bucks, I thought, what the hay. I got them and I will admit to having been drawn to them. I can't explain it, and I kinda don't want to (? that seems more yang-y lol). I put them around my yoga mat and after practice see if one of them is calling to me and hold it in meditation. Last night I was feeling very tired and overwhelmed and I was drawn to the rose quartz one. I grabbed it and held it. It did make me feel better. I'm just going with this so I don't know how helpful will be, but if you're curious and 10 bucks is in your budget, I say start with SB's crystal kit. It's guaranteed to be from a reputable source, because Adeline doesn't allow us any crap stuff. And you might find your energy and inner soul helped. [that said I have not put it in water to drink it yet, lol].

D (Lawrence, US)
Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz, OH MY!

Although I grew up loving crystals, rocks, and stones: things that can take a time to create, never would I have thought myself a person who would use crystals. How things change! The Self Love Crystal Kit reminds me to be generous with forgiveness, love and care—for myself and others. When I find myself out of balance, for example, I hold the clear quartz; the crystal is now familiar to me in shape and feel. The familiar crystal quickly brings me back to the present, at which point I can ask myself questions that help me make decisions about what will help me reclaim my balance. All my crystals are familiar in shape and feel. I hold them singularly at different times and by two or three at other times. My amethyst reminds me to stay in my own lane, which helps me relate energy/feelings/stuff that does not belong to me. Rose quartz softens the edges of life, especially when I focus on caring for others above myself, by reminding me to be more gentle with myself. I am looking forward to using the kit for a crystal elixir. I am curious to see how I feel and focus after drinking a rose quartz, amethyst, and clear quartz elixir. For me, the crystals are an invitation to be more intentional with my kindness, forgiveness, care, focus, and love. (In the picture are my three crystals from the Self Love Crystal Kit and my moonstone bracelet, which comes from of the 2019 Deluxe Autumn Moon Box.)

Monica (Doylestown, US)
Surprised Non-Crystal Person

I didn’t get this SB product because I have long been into crystals. Instead, I thought, “Let’s see; it’s $10.” What I found was and is surprising. The energy was instantly present when I took the crystals from their bag. The hair stood up on the back of my neck in a GOOD way; my pulse raced in several different moments that told me which stone was most powerful and useful in a certain moment. I have since used them for meditation (with and without yoga), water infusion/elixir making (as suggested), and stress relief breathing/meditation. I am becoming a crystal person and never thought that was possible! Another amazing SB innovation in my life.