MAUI Coconut & Lavender Wash Off Mask
MAUI Coconut & Lavender Wash Off Mask

MAUI Coconut & Lavender Wash Off Mask

$ 10.00

This luxurious mask is made very simply with three major ingredients: coconut oil, lavender essential oil, and Imperata Cylindrica extract. Coconut oil, other than smelling delicious, is strong in antimicrobial agents (Capric Acid and Lauric Acid), helping to diminish acne, is high in Vitamin E and is also anti-inflammatory. Lavender essential oil also helps acne, as well as soothes and relieves eczema and other skin irritations. Imperata Cylindrica is also known as Cogon Grass native to West Africa, and is a hearty plant able to survive in a wide range of climates including flooded environments. Because of its hardiness, Imperata Cylindrica extract is an excellent long term moisturizer that helps raise moisturize levels, increase cellular metabolism and enhance collagen synthesis. I named this mask MAUI to evoke the beautiful lavender fields on the island, as well as its abundance of coconuts. 

Suitable for all skin types.

Sample size: 5g. Full size: 2 oz.

Apply on freshly cleansed and dry face. Leave on for 20-30 mins, then wash off. Proceed with rest of routine. Use once or twice a week.

Made without Sulfates or Parabens.

Coconut Oil, Polysorbate 80, Imperata Cylindrica Extract, Lavender Essential Oil, Fragrance.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.


Customer Reviews

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Raina R. Raina
So smooth!

This goes on so smooth - it feels like coconut oil and smells like coconut and lavender (shocking, right?) I was a little concerned at first because it really does go on just like oil - I thought it might leave me feeling greasy or too oily. But after washing off with a gentle cleanser, my face just felt soft and smooth. Not oily! I love it and I now look forward to using a few times each week.

Note: It does melt in the warm weather, so I keep it in the fridge to keep it in a solid state.

Amy HH A.H. Amy H.
4.5 really

After using this mask, my face feels amazing. My skin is soft, even, lighter, and feels creamy. Overall, it's a great mask and I do recommend it.

My two problems with this mask are probably related. I'm not the biggest fan of coconut smells so that, for me, is a bit off-putting (not enough to not use again). The second problem that I have with the mask is a reaction with my eyes. Usually when I mask, I'm grading; which means I need to wear my glasses. I find that my eyes tear and become irritated with this mask on when I'm wearing my glasses. I presume that this is because scent from the mask is being trapped between my glasses and my eyes. This is also not enough to dissuade me from using it again; though I will need to remember to use it when working on tasks that do not require me to wear my glasses.

The first mask I want to use regularly!

Most masks either cause my face to breakout, or don't have any noticeable results, but not this one. I love the consistency and how nicely it goes on. It makes my skin so soft, and it's so gentle that my skin doesn't overreact after using it. I now look forward to my weekly mask nights and I'm so glad I bought the full size.

Erin Smith E.S. Erin S.
A Remarkable Treat(ment)

After my consultation, Adeline recommended a regimen of products, but because I'm stingy, I only bought two: a Hydra Serum sample and a full-sized Calm Cream. Cleverly, Adeline slipped a sample of one of the unpurchased recommendations into my order--the Maui mask. I was pleased with the freebie (obviously), but little did I know it was MAGICAL!

Not only does the Maui mask smell and feel incredible, it has made my skin unbelievably soft. In the day following a treatment, I find myself caressing my own cheek over and over again in amazement. It's like a baby's butt! (And I have a baby, so I know from babies' butts.) Using the mask makes me feel good--it's a special treat I do a few times a week to brighten my day AND my skin.

Not only have I purchased the full-sized version, it is now the one skincare product I may never be able to live without. (And I love the Hydra and Calm, too, so that's saying something.)

Amy A. Amy
This mask works wonders!

I love the smell and texture of this mask - it smells like you should be at the beach with a pina colada in your hand. But even better than that sensory experience are the results! After using Maui just once, my skin was softer, brighter, and more even. I couldn't believe the change - I'd never witness that kind of brightening before!

This is the perfect evening wash-off mask...

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