Dorian Gray Set
Dorian Gray Set

Dorian Gray Set
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$ 50.00

Our Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Serum and the new Dorian Gray Beauty Oil is a power couple! So we decided to combine them into a sampler set!

This set also includes a mini canvas and easel so you can paint a picture of your aging self that you’ll be leaving behind!

Priced at $50.00 you’ll save $18.00 off purchasing the serums separately (more than 20%)!

Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Serum (sample, 8ml, retails at $28.00): This serum is full of ingredients to keep you looking as ageless as Dorian Gray himself like retinol (to combat aging), MAP Liposome (a gentle form of Vitamin C), Ceramides (skin-identical lipids that help moisturize skin and fill in the appearance of fine lines), and fermented lactobacillus (to enhance cell turnover and increase hydration for potent anti-aging results). This formula is unfragranced.

Dorian Gray Beauty Oil (Sample, 8ml,retails at $40.00): Dorian Gray Beauty Oil is formulated to enhance the effects of Dorian Gray Serum. In addition to MAP Liposome and Retinol this beauty oil contains Sake Extract (for anti-aging and skin conditioning), Camellia Japonica Oil (identical to skin so it absorbs quickly and thoroughly), and Black Currant Extract (high in Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA) to reduce wrinkles and repair tissue damage). This formula is lightly fragranced with Rose, which comes from a concentrated Rose Extract.

Set Includes: Dorian Gray Anti-Aging Serum, Dorian Gray Beauty Oil, a mini easel, and a mini blank canvas.

Sabbatical Beauty products are made without parabens

Note: Both products contain Retinol and should be avoided during pregnancy. Retinol and Vitamin C also make skin more photosensitive so be sure to apply sunscreen after using.



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