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Have you ever wondered how you can use the healing powers of crystals to supercharge your skincare routine?

In this 50 minute online workshop, Adeline will walk you through an introduction behind the various forms of research and practice behind the healing properties of crystals, with a focus on how to use crystals to bling up your skincare routine.

She will cover:

💫 A range of literature from different fields on the rationale behind the healing energies of crystals

💫 How crystals correspond to human energetic fields which are commonly known as chakras and auras

💫 A basic color guide on how to choose the right crystal for your energetic needs

💫 A brief overview of methods on using crystals in your skincare (facial massage, guasha, jade rolling, crystal gridding, and creating gem elixirs)

💫 The workshop will end with a Crystal Facial, where we will place a selection of healing crystals onto our key facial acupressure meridian points to relieve tired looking and tense skin, reduce inflammation and to promote an unstoppable glow.

Choose between purchasing the online workshop alone, or purchase the workshop with the optional add-on Crystal Facial Kit

What You Get:

Workshop Ticket Alone: The 50 Minute Workshop Recording sent as a downloadable file

Ticket & Kit: Workshop Recording & the Crystal Facial Kit (separate shipping charge for orders under $125)

The Crystal Facial Kit Comes With:

💫 Signature Sabbatical Beauty Blue Spa Headband

💫 Mystery Foil Packet of an SB Mask or Moisturizer to wear during the facial

💫 One small ethically sourced Blue Apatite stone. Blue Apatite has a very uplifting energy, helps to soothe headaches and tired eyes, and to stir up your intuition and connection to your best self. (Can be substituted with any blue crystal of your choice).

💫 One small ethically sourced Orange Calcite stone. Orange Calcite encourages warmth, circulation, metabolism and the flow of energy, and stimulates one's will and creativity. (Can be substituted with an orange or yellow crystal of your choice.)

💫 Two small ethically sourced Leopardskin Jasper stones. Leopardskin Jasper stimulates physical strength and fortifies your emotional and physical life force and, your energetic field and general energy levels. (Can be substituted with two red or black crystals of your choice.)

The crystals in the Crystal Facial Kit will come to you energetically cleansed and charged and ready to work their magic on your skin!


How To Give Yourself A Crystal Facial:

1. Begin by energetically cleansing and charging your stones (if you have ordered the Kit, you may skip this step as your stones are already ready). To do this, leave your stones in a bowl of salt or rice overnight, then leave them to charge in the windowsill for a moonlight charge for the next night.

2. Cleanse, tone, use your serums and practice your usual skincare routine.

3. After you put on your final moisturizer layer or sleeping pack, prepare to lie down for your Crystal Facial. Have your stones nearby.

4. Take three grounding breaths. Hold the stones in your hand and ask them to help you to restore your skin to the best version of itself.

5. Lie down, then gently lay your stones on your face. Blue Apatite on your forehead, Leopardskin Jasper on your cheek right under your eyes, and Orange Calcite on your chin.

6. Meditate for ten minutes, then in your head, thank the stones for doing their work. Gently remove them. Take three more grounding breaths and then get up. Look at yourself in the mirror and marvel!




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Customer Reviews

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Skin Type: Combination
Age: 60-69
Skin Concerns: Signs of aging
It's All About the Crystals!

I've been so remiss in writing a Review (and posting a before/after photo) for this Event. And, it's not because I didn't think this Event was fabulous; it's just that sometimes I can't get out of my own way and muster the energy needed to be productive. Anywho, this was a really nice Event - no surprise, since all the SBee Events I've participated in have been wonderful. For this, there was an introductory lecture, providing insight to crystals and their healing power, before placing crystals on your face while having a guided meditation. My before photo is on the left; my after photo is on the right. Then, afterward, we were treated to the audio of this Event, which you can now purchase if you weren't an attendee. How cool is that?!?! I'll definitely be on the lookout for the next Crystal Magic Event! Oh, and I purchased the complete package so I didn't have to go shopping for the crystals. Well worth it.

Skin Type: Oily
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging

I am new to using crystals in my skincare, so I was eager to attend the workshop, and the workshop far exceeded my expectations. I was sent a handful of crystals for to be placed on my face during the workshop, the headband, and foil samples of SB products to be used during the workshop. I have used those exact same products before with great effects and I was happy to receive them. During the workshop, we were also taught how crystals work and which crystal is suitable for what symptoms. However, what completely blew me away was during the meditation, as we placed the crystals on our face and relaxed, we were asked to thank our bodies. For the record, I have been hospitalised recently and I am currently seeing all the side effects from the medications. Bloated face, eye bags, dark circles, heart palpitations, you name it. But as I was guided to appreciate my body, I literally felt a dam loosened and my tears poured. The relief and subsequent ease in my heart was like a physical knot loosening and I felt the echoing pulses of the crystal on my forehead. And then, after bawling my eyes out, which should have made my eyes swell further, I was greeted with the surprising image of myself with fainter looking eyebags! I mean, if that wasn't the crystal facial working, I don't know what was. For me, it wasn't the just good skin I went away with after the workshop, it was the experience and the lesson on how I can use the products to their best effects, how to use the crystals to enhance their efficacy, and how I should learn to thank and appreciate my body, that made the workshop the best I have ever attended.

Skin Type: Oily, Normal
Age: 30-39
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Acne, Dullness
Informative and Relaxing

I highly recommend going to this workshop if it becomes available again! I learned so much about crystals and how/why they work, and about the 7 physical chakras (plus the fact that there are more chakras I didn’t know about!). Plus, Adeline was kind enough to send us a recording of it so we can go back to rewatch and read through all the slides. The guided meditation at the end was wonderful. As soon as I was settled, all of my cats came and laid down with me- I have heard before that animals like to be near magic being practiced. I started the workshop with a pretty bad headache, but within moments of laying down and setting the lapis lazuli on my third eye chakra, the pain lessened significantly (I signed up too late to purchase the crystal kit so I provided my own). I was honestly shocked. Between the sound of Adeline’s voice and the crystals, I was feeling so relaxed and peaceful by the end, I actually almost fell asleep. I didn’t do a before and after photo, though, because I was using my phone for the Zoom call. I didn’t even think to look in the mirror after, I just went to bed because I was so relaxed afterwards. I really felt wonderful- and better informed on crystals!

Skin Type: Oily, Sensitive , Combination
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Acne, Redness/inflammation
I really needed this....

I struggle with self care and prioritizing myself and my needs. This was a gift to myself and my heart. It was nice to be surrounded by like minded individuals. I have taken a few classes on crystals and I was impressed by content. The delivery was heartfelt and the information given was very informative. This is a great course to take as you start your journey into working crystals.

I also got the crystal kit which at first I thought the stones were a bit small. After doing the facial though I think these are actually a very good size. The crystals felt so nice, they even have a nice scent to them as well.

I got a sample of the Dorian Gray Beauty Oil. This stuff is crazy, crazy good. I really enjoyed the meditation. I am working dealing with my PTSD triggers. I found the meditation relaxing but inspiring. I found myself opening my energy to a more healing and grounded place. I felt more into myself than I prior to the course. As nervous as I was when I started the course, I was so at ease at the end.

I look forward to attending future courses, Adeline has much love for crystals which made this such a wonderful course.

Skin Type: Combination
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging, Redness/inflammation
Powerful self-care & healing

If you have trouble making time for self-care, feel overwhelmed, or just need a moment to yourself, I highly recommend committing to one of the Crystal Magic skin care classes. The class was educational and relaxing and it made me clean my skin before bed. 😉 I don’t make the time to meditate when I know it can help me, but these classes have helped me slowly introduce myself to the benefits of community, crystals, and quiet. Feeling more relaxed, grounded, skin improvements, inner reflection, and also being a part of a community of like-minded individuals. I did the crystal facial with Kiki Mask, but I’m looking forward to taking what I learned in class and do a crystal facial more often. I noticed the dark circles under my eyes lightened and the overall brightening of my face. Thank you Adelaine for creating the class and holding space for us. Namaste.