The Sabbatical Beauty Winter Collection 2019


Our Winter Collection includes the new and highly sought after Coffee Hair Oil, Milk Cream Mask, Day Spa Body Cream, Rosehip Healing Oil, Botanical Gel Mask & Burgundy Lip Tint!

The Collection launches January 30, 2019.

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COFFEE Hair Oil (sample 7ml $20. Full Size 1 oz. $50.) This Hair Oil is laced with coffee essential oil, which can be used to stimulate hair growth and counteract the suppression of hair growth. It also contains a mix of other oils that help tame your hair and give it crazy shine: sweet almond oil, olive oil, rice brand oil and camellia japonica (tsubaki) oil. You can use it as a leave-in treatment or wash it off as you so please.

MILK Cream Mask (deluxe sample 0.5 oz, $20. full size $75). This gentle mask contains three types of milk to soothe and hydrate irritated winter skin. It also contains glycolic acid for some gentle exfoliation while soothing your skin. This product was deeply loved by the Sabbatical Beauty testing team, who could not wait for us to put it into production!

DAY SPA Body Cream (Full size, $50, 8 oz.) Day Spa Body Cream is a deep moisturizer which will heal the skin on your body. It's so strong that you won't find yourself needing to constantly reapply it. This new formulation is more easily absorbed, with Shea butter for the ultimate in luxury moisture, avocado and coconut oils for extra antioxidant power, and chamomile extract for healing that dry, tight winter skin. It's fragranced like Day Spa, one of our community's most favorite scents. If you love our Sake and Rice Sleeping Pack or Nourish Oil Mask, you'll love our Day Spa Body Cream.

ROSEHIP Healing Oil (Full Size, $35). Use this rollerball oil over any part of your body that is irritated, red and needs some healing. The oil contains Rosehip oil, Borage oil, and Evening Primrose Oil--all super high in Gamma Linoleic Acid for skin regeneration and healing. It's topped off with Vitamin E for extra soothing power.

BOTANICAL Gel Mask (Travel, $20. Full size: $75) Exfoliation is all the more important in winter. Exfoliation removes the dead layer of skin at the very top, which helps your moisturizers to better penetrate and heal. For that, we have the brand new Botanical Gel Mask (1 oz, $20), which contains plant enzymes to break up that layer of dead skin. Added benefits: regulates oil production, improves fine lines.

BURGUNDY Lip Tint (Full size, $25.) An on-trend color for Winter, this is our most opaque lip tint and tastes of Red Velvet Cake. Laced with Argan, Coconut, Sweet Almond and Avocado Oil, so that your lips are deeply hydrated--not just killing it with that shade of red!