Sabbatical Beauty

VOICE is about giving women back that political voice that the GOP has tried to suppress, again and again.

VOICE is the collection that makes you comfortable in your own skin. VOICE will give you the confidence to feel powerful in your own skin. So that you can occupy those spaces where you are constantly told you aren’t welcome. So you can be your boldest, loudest self.

10% of the proceeds from sales of VOICE will be donated weekly to the Swing Left District Fund, a slate of Swing District races where democratic challengers are furthest behind and where your money goes further in helping campaigns hire staff and talk to voters.

Let’s make the GOP pay for Kavanaugh on November 6. Because our anger is so immense and magnificent, and will be heard. We will take over the House and the Senate and show these motherfuckers who we are. Sign up to be the first to hear about VOICE, and our other contributions to the November midterms.

The first release of VOICE sold out in eight hours.

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