now open: applications for the sabbatical beauty scholarship!

When I was an academic, I always found myself scurrying every summer to find funding. I was really exhausted by needing to find money all the time to support my research, especially because I was working on research which not many agencies were set up to fund (see: scholarship that isn't on white male writers--I was a literature professor).

As Sabbatical Beauty goes into its third successful year of business, I was overjoyed to realize that we are in a position to offer a small scholarship to help out people in a similar position. It's a small stipend -- $1000 -- but you can use it for anything: books, equipment, supplies, travel to a conference/research site, even living expenses to support you as you do this research. (A lot of fellowships don't allow you to use it for living expenses, which I always found really frustrating! Sometimes you just need to eat to be able to write!)

ETA 3/21/18: With the help of our amazing community, we are going to offer TWO full stipends of $1000 each, AND a third prize of $300.

I also decided to start this scholarship because when I was an academic, I was really sick of how separated academia was from people who weren't in academia. This fellowship is thus an attempt to try to bridge that gap--I want academics to see the value of creating research that isn't just for other academics, and I want people who are not academics to see how research, broadly defined, can add to their lives.

Therefore, it's important for me to emphasize that the fellowship is open to both academics and non-academics. You don't need to have achieved a certain educational level to apply or be selected. We'd love to fund anyone ranging from a high school student, a working adult, anyone who hasn't completed their high school diploma, and even a graduate student or a professor. You do not need to be connected to an educational institution to apply, either.

Good luck!

XOXO, Adeline from Sabbatical Beauty

The Award:

1st and 2nd Place Winners: $1000 USD to use on their research, and a $100 Sabbatical Beauty gift card.

3rd place winner: $300 USD to use on their research, and a $100 Sabbatical Beauty gift card.

To Apply:

1) Applicants have to identify as women, inclusively defined,

2) Applicants have to be a part of the Sabbatical Beauty Facebook Community. Join here.

3) Applicants have to submit the application form below, which includes a 500 word description of the research project, and a 2 minute video from the applicants on their project.

Note: The award winner will receive the first half of the award shortly after the winners are announced, and the second half once they submit the second video reporting on the progress of their research by the end of August 2018.

Applications will be evaluated based on:

1) how the project contributes towards ending inequality either on a global or local level; for example, investigating or educating people on systemic racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and/or more;

2) how the project helps build the Sabbatical Beauty online community by educating people on issues like beauty, confidence and self-image, racialized standards of beauty, self-care, social justice and community building, and/or if the project will help to foster ties within and outside of the community;

2) the financial need of the applicant;

3) and whether the applicant is likely to complete the project in the alloted timeframe (by the end of August 2018).

We will be sharing the videos and research statements with our community, who will help determine our winners.

Possible Research Project Ideas May Include:

1) Writing an completing a short story, short novel, article, chapter in a book, web comic, etc.,

2) Producing a short video, podcast, or other forms of digital media

3) Going to do research in a certain city, or going to attend a conference,

4) Funding or adding resources to a local library,

5) Creating a website for a non-profit/someone in need... and the list goes on!

Application Deadline: 25 March 2018, midnight EST

Applications Close In:


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