The Crackling Wick Candle Collection
(Sabbatical Beauty Limited Edition)

crackling wick candle


Your favorite tantalizingly addictive Sabbatical Beauty fragrances, in environmentally friendly soy candle wax and crackling candle wicks that makes you feel like you're relaxing in front of a calming fire.

Our handmade, hand poured, low smoke, crackling wick candles are a special limited edition and will not be restocked when sold out!

The Crackling Wick Collection launches February 27, 2019.

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What's In Our Crackling Wick Candle Collection?

For our limited edition collection, we are offering TWO crackling wick candles.

DAY SPA Candle (Full size, $75 (standard rate), $56 (early bird) 8 oz.) Day Spa smells just like our cult Sabbatical Beauty Sake & Rice Sleeping Pack and Day Spa Body Cream. Fall asleep to the smell of a clean, bright and luxurious day spa scent engulfing you. Made with natural soy wax and with a woodwick.

WINTER IS COMING Candle (Full size, $75 (standard rate), $56 (early bird) 8 oz.). Our Winter Is Coming candle smells like our Winter Is Coming Facial Oil Balm, that is scented with delicate Japanese yuzu. Come awake with citrus deliciousness with our low smoke, environmentally friendly candles! Made with natural soy wax and with a woodwick.

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Why Soy Wax for our Crackling Wick Candles?

  • Environmentally superior to other types of candle wax
  • Produces little/no smoke
  • Releases minimum amount of carcinogens into the air
  • Burns 30-50% slower than paraffin wax, allowing you to enjoy the candle for a longer time!

Where Does The Crackle Come From?

  • We use woodwicks for our soy wax candles. When the woodwick candle burns, crackling while burning simulates being at a wood-burning fireplace, or a campsite
  • The crackling woodwick candles are a perfect addition to a self-care nightly ritual.

Why Sabbatical Beauty?


  • Our products contain higher percentages of active ingredients than the majority of products on the market. This means you can see amazing differences very quickly, and with only a scant amount of product.
  • Our products are manufactured in-house by a small team of women in Philadelphia, PA, in small batches, with love.
  • Our products are never tested on animals, just Adeline and Sabbatical Beauty employees.
  • Everyone who works for Sabbatical Beauty earns a living wage.


  • Our stuff works. And works quickly, period. And we sell sample sizes, so you don't need to commit a lot financially to test if a product works for your individual skin chemistry.
  • Our mission as a feminist company is not to sell you skincare as something that you need, but rather a routine that will help you with prioritizing yourself and own needs for self-care.
  • Our products come with an amazing, supportive Facebook community of people always willing to help, even in issues outside of skincare.
  • We have a generous thirty day returns and refunds policy.

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