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This mask combines two of my favorite gentle, hydrating and anti-aging ingredients--Rose and Camellia--with some enzymatic and physical exfoliation. The mask contains papain (papaya enzyme, which sloughs off dead skin and increases cell renewal, improving the texture of your skin) and ground rose buds for physical exfoliation (scrubs off the dead skin). This exfoliation also helps to reduce fine lines, and helps the other ingredients to penetrate more deeply.

Other goodies in this mask include Camellia Japonica Extract (a potent antioxidant, helps boosts collagen levels), Camellia Japonica Oil (anti-inflammatory, stimulates collagen production), Rose Water (deeply hydrating, soothing, anti-aging), Kaolin Clay (helps draw out impurities from skin) and Evening Primrose Oil (high amounts of Gamma Linoleic Acid--important to combat eczema, itching and redness). The mask is scented with rose and camellia

Paraben Free. Vegan.

  • Brightening
  • Anti Aging
  • Exfoliating
  • Deep Hydration

Apply after cleansing. Leave on for 20-30 mins, then wash off. Use once or twice a week.

Rose Water, Polysorbate 80, Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, (Lactobacillus & Coconut Extract), Kaolin Clay, Ground Rosebuds, Water & HDI Copolymer & Papain, (Water & Caprylyl Glycol & Hexylene Glycol & Wasabi Root Extract & Ginger Root Extract & Garlic Bulb Extract), Glucono Delta Lactone, Fragrance, (Phenoyxyethanol (and) Caprylyl Glycol), Disodium EDTA.



  • Our products contain higher percentages of active ingredients than the majority of products on the market. This means you can see amazing differences very quickly, and with only a scant amount of product.
  • Our products are manufactured in-house by a small team of women in Philadelphia, PA, in small batches, with love.
  • Our products are never tested on animals, just Adeline and Sabbatical Beauty employees.
  • Everyone who works for Sabbatical Beauty earns a living wage.


  • Our stuff works. And works quickly, period. And we sell sample sizes, so you don't need to commit a lot financially to test if a product works for your individual skin chemistry.
  • Our mission as a feminist company is not to sell you skincare as something that you need, but rather a routine that will help you with prioritizing yourself and own needs for self-care.
  • Our products come with an amazing, supportive Facebook community of people always willing to help, even in issues outside of skincare.
  • We have a generous thirty day returns and refunds policy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Nice experience, not much on results

Age 40+ w/ start of nasolabial folds, loss of elasticity and collagen, some settling of 11's, horizontal forehead wrinkles. Skin was oily for most of my life and now settled into combination. I saw the video that advertises this mask and was very excited, got two tester sizes! I wish I hadn't, because I've used it 4x already and this has had no noticeable effect on me. Maybe helps if you have very dehydrated skin and no other way to exfoliate your skin, but there are so many ways to moisturize and exfoliate! I would rather have a mask that doesn't separate into layers and require me making a bit of a mess mixing the ingredients, in any case. (And I'm not the kind of person who will buy a mask because it's a nice luxurious experience to smell like roses for half an hour.)

Great effects; strong scent

I'm a big fan of camellia rose; it gently exfoliates and leaves my skin feeling soft. However, the reviews about its scent are true--if you like fairly strong scents, this one is pleasant and rosy. I find it too strong and have to be careful about when I use this mask as a result (but I'm not a big scent person in life!).


So delicious! I can’t stop touching my skin!

Like bathing in rose petals!

Leaves my face feeling soft as a petal! Sometimes I follow with Holy Lotus, when I need to get my skin prepped for a big, stressful week. Smooths and brightens -- I like how light the mask feels compared to how much hydration it offers.

As lovely as roses!

Simple love the smell of the camellia rose mask. Slightly gentler to the skin i feel. Used to the last bit without wasting. The warm sensation is not as much as holy lotus. I would prefer holy lotus to this mask for its warm sensation.(which i think it has more exfoliating effect)