SuperCharge Your Moisturizer Set!

SuperCharge Your Moisturizer Set!

$ 10.00

Want to get the *very most* out of your moisturizer? Try this technique to supercharge your moisturizer by applying a sheet mask *on top* of a heavy layer of your moisturizer. The sheet mask acts as a physical barrier between your face and the elements, which forces your skin to absorb more of the available nutrition and hydration in the moisturizer.

In this set, we provide you compressed sheet masks as well as Rose Water to decompress the sheet masks in. We suggest using Rose Water instead of regular water to decompress the masks because of its amazing skin-loving benefits: it calms redness, helps acne, and has an anti aging effect. We love Rose Water so much that we use it in our customer favorite Beauty Water.

To SuperCharge your Moisturizer, follow the following instructions:

1. Pour some Rose Water into a small dish. Drop a compressed sheet mask in the water and it will expand and rehydrate.

2. Wash your face, preferably with a double cleanse (balm cleanser followed by foaming cleanser).

3. Apply a thick layer of your moisturizer (or your wash-off mask) onto your face (about 1/4 inch thick).

4. Apply the rehydrated sheet mask onto your face, on top of the thick layer of moisturizer.

5. Leave on for 30 minutes, or until your sheet mask dries.

6. Remove sheet mask. Gently wipe off the excess using a warm wet washcloth. Pat the residue into your face.

7. Follow with your regular moisturizer, night cream and/or sunscreen and makeup.


We provide 2 versions of this kit:  

Full Size: 8 oz of Rose Water with 20 compressed sheet masks, with instruction card

Travel Size: 1 oz of Rose Water with 3 compressed sheet masks, with instruction card

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Supercharge with Kristen from Sabbatical Beauty on Vimeo


Customer Reviews

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Game Changer

My skin has been unhappy for years. Sabbatical Beauty products have worked great for me, and the supercharge set brought the healing to a whole other level. The last time my skin got angry (photo) it was miserable. So red and hot. I have extremely sensitive skin. After my nightly routine, I used the supercharge set to really set my moisturizer. And WOW. My skin was calm and happy. I’m so excited to have found SB and this set. The videos were also quite helpful in understanding how to activate and use the sheet mask. This product is a game changer and I absolutely recommend it to anyone needing to boost hydration and a sense of calm to their skin.


If you want to emphasize a moisturizer, or serums, this is the way to go.

On days when my skin feels especially dry and moisturizer doesn’t seem to cut it, I use the supercharge set and skin feels hydrated, plump, firm, and rejuvenated when I’m done.


I am obsessed!!! I've used the paper mask with the rose water twice so far. My skin feels sooo smooth and extremely soft after. I want to use one every night !!!

Supercharge Sheet Masks

I love these Sheet Masks. They're perfect for boosting your moisturisers power and wonderful with the wash off masks too. I love anything with Rose scent and especially like using these Sheet Masks with the delicious Camellia Rose wash off mask ~ Heaven

Decadent moisture

Using Sabbatical Beauty is already like having access to a day spa 24/7, but if you really want to take it to the next level, add this supercharge set to your next masking/moisturising session. The Rose scent in the Rose Water is natural and soothing, and the sheet mask holds in the moisture to really boost your moisturising efforts. If you're feeling dried out, or you just want an extra-relaxing and luxurious experience, treat yourself to this set asap!

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