Shine Bright Like A Diamond Sampler Set

Shine Bright Like A Diamond Sampler Set

$ 25.00

This sampler set features 5ml *SAMPLE* sizes of my three most popular serums: Marine Serum (filled to the brim with nutritiousness from the ocean like Sea Kelp Bioferment, Giant Kelp Extract, Red Algae, Black Algae and Wakame Bioferment), Asian Powerhouse (Styled exactly like a traditional Asian tonic with Ginseng, Sake, Turmeric, Goji Berry and two types of Bamboo essences), and Hydra Serum (catering to dry and sensitive skins, with Centalla Asiatica Extract, Rose Extract, Witch Hazel, Aloe and Cucumber Extract and Camellia and Argan Oils). 

Try out this sampler set and experience a glow you have never seen before. 

Instructions: Apply after cleansing. Begin with Asian Powerhouse Serum (it will be light, like an essence.) Pat into your skin with the palms of your hands. Once absorbed, apply Marine Serum. Finally, apply the Hydra Serum as a sealing serum before you move onto other moisturizers and creams. 

Contains: 5ml of Marine Serum, 5ml of Asian Powerhouse Serum, 5ml of Hydra Serum. 

*Core collection.

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

Customer Reviews

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Shine bright like a diamond set makes me glow!

I could not wait to try the "holy grail" serum set from SB after I first got hooked on the products. This set does not disappoint; when I use these serums every day, I can definitely say my skin feels better moisturized, is brighter and the tone is more even. HUGE shout out to hydra which is my FAVE!

Last longer than I expected

I bought this sampler set because I think it is a great deal since Hydra is included in it. I am an avid user of APH and Marine so no doubt these two always work for my skin. I used this set mainly in the summer and the combination of these three products gave me a supple skin and moist-but not oily skin during the summer. I love that they absorbed easily into my skin and didn't leave any sticky finishing so I can easily apply my moisturizer after that. Really good value for the performance and for your money! It lasts me almost 2 months - I used them mainly during the day.

Great value

This sampler set is really fantastic value given the cost of the individual items! I had already tried Asian Powerhouse & Marine (via a friend’s order) and this seemed like a great deal. I hadn’t considered Hydra from the description on this page as I don’t have especially dry skin. But after reading Hydra’s reviews where people with spot-prone skin said it worked great, I decided to try it. It’s a really good extra! For me, I find three serums can feel a bit too much (I get a bit of tacky residue like the last bit isn’t soaking in, even with using only 2-3 drops of each). So, I alternate marine & hydra with Asian powerhouse as the “base” and that seems to be working well for me :) On a couple of days when my skin has felt dehydrated I’ve used these three together and they’ve soaked in nicely, so play it as your skin needs it! My skin is looking clearer and fresher.

Great one-two punch!

I really love the Asian Powerhouse Serum. I also like Marine. It’s a little thicker than the APH but nice for using on my forehead and cheeks.

My skin is super soft

I bought a bunch of stuff last time. Charcoal mask
Pipers peat serum
Dorian Grey Camelia Gold
Aph, marine Serum Hydra serum
Honey and rose cream..
Maybe I’m doing it all wrong but besides that my skin is duper soft and the products smell amazing nothing really happened...still have dark spots and still have my lines.
As I said before maybe I’m doing it all wrong...maybe it needs months to start working.

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