Marissa's Mermaid Jelly Mask

  • This is a limited edition discontinued product.

    Mermaid Jelly Mask contains 90% fermented sea kelp, which is basically a big, antioxidant filled kiss from the ocean.⁠

    Fermented Sea Kelp is so amazing because 1. sea kelp is so mineral and antioxidant rich that it has formed the core identity of many a beauty brand and 2. fermentation increases the bioavailability of the these nutrients so your skin can use them super quick. ⁠

    Mermaid Jelly also has chlorella in it, a freshwater algae and superfood which is suppppper green because it's rich in chlorophyll, which is rich in iron and vitamins A, B and C. ⁠

    The mask is naturally preserved with a combination of fermented coconut and radish and ginger, garlic and wasabi extracts.⁠

    Travel Size 0.5 oz: $38 | Full Size 2.3 oz $108

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kelly Ward Mason (Somerville, US)
Skin Type: Combination
Age: 40-49
Skin Concerns: Dark spots/scarring/discoloration, Signs of aging, Redness/inflammation
Mermaid mask is transformative!

I love so many things about this mask: the way it smells, the texture, how it dries so quickly and makes my skin feel tight and how much I glow after masking! I love all of the SB masks but this is my favorite, hands down!

Paige (Newport, US)
So Much To Do, So Little Time

This mask has become my very favorite SB product. Like everyone else, I'm busy, and my time is often at a premium. I was excited about the products in Marissa's Chill Vibes Only collection but also skeptical. A mask in five minutes?


I have very dry, sensitive skin, and this mask is like a kiss from the best beach you've ever been to, with the calmest, most healing vibe. Slather it on and delight in the cool, brine-touched scent, like a pristine ocean. The texture is plush and soft, and the gel spreads quickly onto skin. After a few minutes, the soft gel dries and when it is washed away, the mask leaves behind soft, hydrated, smooth as glass skin. In 5-10 minutes instead of 30!

One bonus I have discovered is that this mask, applied at the beginning of a hot flash, is cooling and soothing against my hot and sweaty face, neck, and chest. Rinsed away with cool water, this has really helped make my hot flashes less uncomfortable. This mask, for me, is the essence of Sabbatical Beauty...effective, enjoyable to use, and addictive!

Gretchen (Abbottstown, US)

This mask took a little while to grow on me. I have tried all the masks that SB sells, and I love the hydrating and the exfoliating masks the best. This one was different in the consistency of other masks in the SB Line (I am an SB-Lifer just so you know because the ingredients work and are active and there is no crap and the business is ethical). And, in all truth, I was asked to review this line as a brand ambassador and got free products, but was not paid for my reviews. As I said, this one grew on me. I was at first shocked at the consistency, but kind of grew to like it. A colleague noted that it helped cool her after a hot flash. I used it about 4 times and the last two I really noticed brightening and softening after I used it. It dries fast, which also freaked me out because I am used to leaving most SB masks on for 20-30 minutes. But you don't need to devote that much time to this mask; 5 minutes and you got a glow! It's Marine serum in a jar with a jelly-like, squish-y consistency. Try it. It's a winner by Marissa of SB.

Dawn (Flushing, US)
Magic in a jar!

Mermaid jelly mask transformed my aging combo face with one use! This jelly, giggly, squishy, mask that smells of a cool sea mist, goes on like a dream! Is ready to wash off in minutes and leaves my skin, softened, smoothed, glass like and plump! Why? Because it's chock full of great for your skin stuff! I highly recommend treating your skin to this magical mask.