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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Celeste Voce

Celeste Voce is one of our most wonderful community members who often develops great product hacks for SB! Tell us about you! I’m a Registrar for a mid-career artist. I am also an artist myself, working primarily in photography. I live in Los Angeles with my husband our 2 cats. I’m probably addicted to sugar. At least 25% of my closet is denim. I firmly believe they should change the official pronunciation of La Croix to La-Kwah. I’ll take any excuse to wear a costume. I hate talking about myself. If you were an SB product, which product would you be, and why? Camel Milk & Yeast Mask — I may not seem super glamorous, but you can rely on...

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Jane Barnette

Jane is a lovely lady Adeline got to know while Adeline was still  a full time professor. She's the mastermind who suggested the Sabbatical Beauty Rewards System!   Tell us about you! I am a dramaturg, which means I do research about and for live performances and help playwrights develop their new plays. I also teach at the University of Kansas, where I will be going up for tenure and promotion next fall (eeep!). I write about adaptation dramaturgy, which I call adapturgy, and I just recently finished my first book (on that topic)!  I love to do yoga (though I don’t make nearly enough time for it!), and I have a 12-year old tuxedo (gray and white) cat named...

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Kari Goetz

Kari, in her words: "in full makeup for the show 'Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche,' and post show in an old school favorite, Camellia Rose mask." Tell us about you! I'm a lifelong Floridian, with the exception of about five years that I spent in Los Angeles. I have a rabid love of my crazy state, its natural resources, and its ability to make headlines. My personal Florida stories are what you would expect growing up in a place where everything can kill you. When I was three, the “biting worms” I found in the backyard turned out to be a nest of juvenile pygmy rattlesnakes. That wasn't even my first nature related trip to the ER (I had previously...

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We're Hiring!

Join the Sabbatical Beauty team! We're hiring a part time Elf (our term for our wonderful workers who help make, and ship product, with the possibility of becoming full time) to help with shipping, making product and more at our center city Philadelphia headquarters.  SB Elf Responsibilities Provide high level hospitality and customer service to clients Be comfortable with shipping and packing large volumes of customer orders Be able to help with making, bottling and labeling skincare products Be able to communicate clearly and efficiently electronically Assist in daily tasks and projects What's Required? Ability to commute to center city, Philadelphia  Ability to prioritize and multitask independently in a fast paced environment Able to initiate tasks independently Excellent communication and...

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Natalie Wang

Natalie Wang is a beauty blogger based in Singapore, and one of the first people to support Sabbatical Beauty! Read her blog here.  Tell us about you! I’m a twenty-three year old university student graduating late because I do not want to leave school. These are the things I have been doing with my life for the last few years: currently studying Sociology with minors in Gender Studies and Religious Studies, makeup and skincare enthusiast, wannabe fashionista (I try to only buy secondhand clothing or local brands). I do part-time jobs at local bookstore BooksActually, and coach debate at high schools. I intern for a local poet and have been hopefully been able to contribute to our local literary scene...

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