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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Moira Bohannon

Thrilled to feature Moira Bohannon, one of the brightest lights of our community! Moira's kind words always bring smiles to our faces <3     Tell us about you! Hi! I’m Moira, a 36 year-old single mom. My almost 11 year-old son and I have been on our own for the past 6 years, though we lived with my parents for 3 of those years. Definitely not the life I imagined for myself, but it’s the life I’m living! I grew up outside Philadelphia, lived in the DC area for about 14 years and now live in Philly. I love living and raising a kid in an urban environment. He’s so much more worldly than I was at that age....

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She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Valette Piper-Bledsoe

Valette was an early supporter of Sabbatical Beauty, and is one of our favorite people ever! Tell us about you! Mom, wife, friend, sister, executive, shoe-lover and chocaholic--not necessarily in that order, depending on the day. Work intrudes on my personal life far more than I like; I’m a reformed workaholic who now tries to find satisfaction, not identity, in what I do. I put off motherhood until my 40s and it is the most challenging, yet rewarding, thing I’ve ever done. If nothing else, it cured me of my control-freak tendencies and taught me to live in the moment. I love to cook, garden, and creatively housekeep--but not house clean! I read voraciously and in my single days, used...

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Janah Adams

Janah is one of the ladies that embodies the heart and soul of Sabbatical Beauty. We are thrilled to feature her today! Tell us about you!I used to be a composition instructor but it didn't make me happy and I left after five years full-time. Now I'm focused on the arts and perhaps pursuing an arts-based career of some sort. I like to work in oils and pastels mostly. I love to travel too. I've been to a few places but I love London the most. I've been to London with my husband five times and hope to return soon. We celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary this December, so maybe we can go then! He was my middle school...

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Beth Younger

Beth Younger was an early supporter of Sabbatical Beauty, and is one of our favorite community members. We're thrilled to feature her today. Go Beth! Tell us about you!   I’m an english professor! I teach american literature, women’s and gender studies, and specialize in adolescent literature and horror films. I’m a california native living happily in the midwest with two chihuahuas and a big cat. What makes you angry?   Wow. Where to begin? Racism, sexism, patriarchy, animal abuse, Donald Trump, war crimes, fat shaming, loud neighbors. :) capitalism. Unrepentant capitalists. Mean people. Death. What makes you happy?   Dogs, my students, kindness, family, feminism, sleep. Tenure. Pizza. If you were an SB product, which product would you be,...

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Melissa Chan

Today we're featuring the amazing Melissa Chan, who's always a bright light and inspiration to all of us at Sabbatical Beauty! <3 Tell us about you! Hello! My name is Melissa, and I’m a PhD candidate at USC’s EALC department. I research Sinophone cinema, particularly theories of the body, gender, and visuality in Hong Kong martial arts cinema. That is my official academic spiel. In the regular world, I watch a lot of movies and television. Lately, I have been really into the post-apocalyptic and supernatural genre. I also eat an exorbitant amount of food and travel once in awhile. Most of the time, I’m heading somewhere in Asia. This past winter, my family and I went to my parents’...

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