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Dale's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

General Impressions I am so impressed with the summer box! If I had only one word to describe the summer box, it would be balanced. My face is balanced: moisturized, but not oily. My face feels smooth and not too tight. I no longer have dry patches anywhere on my face, and my t-zone is no longer oily. Changes I’ve seen There is an evenness to my skin and reduced redness. My skin is so much smoother and much more supple. The summer box is dynamic enough for the air-conditioned buildings of summer (e.g., air that dries out the skin) and the hot humid days as well.   AM Routine & PM routine Mornings Peppermint Water Bamboo Foaming Cleanser (Coming...

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Julie's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

When I started the Summer Box program, my rosacea was doing its “being unpredictable” thing--super-red some days, not so red others, but annoying all the time. Now--like I said last week, the rosacea has stabilized with little noticeable redness on most days. I’ve also noticed that the Summer Box is amazing at taming my hormonal acne! I did have a breakout on my chin during my time with the box, but the products working together made the painful cystic bumps recede almost as quickly as they appeared! 

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Rachel's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

I think my favourite product in the Summer Box is Janah’s Strawberry Exfoliating Toner (coming soon!). It just totally amplifies the power of all the other products that go on after, and smells just like strawberry seeds, which is my favourite scent. It’s so good for oil control, too, and works to resurface your skin so you always have a fresh new canvas ready to face (get it??) the day.

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Marissa's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

My skin has a fresh, lit from within glow but remains matte in texture. It’s difficult to find the right regimen that will leave your skin healthy and radiant looking without a dewy finish and/or sticky/slippery texture. When I touch my face, I feel my skin, not the skincare. Not only is my skin happy with all the nutrients I’ve been feeding it, but I use less products! My daytime skincare routine has been cut in half and my night time regimen has been simplified. The 2018 Summer Box is the perfect set for daily hydration and programming my skin to keep my moisture levels balanced.

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Cindi's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

The biggest changes I’ve seen over the past five weeks have been, first and foremost, a serious reduction of milia on three different areas of my face: I had them on either side of my nose, on the edges of my mouth, and on my chin — the ones on my nose are completely gone, as are the ones on either side of my mouth, and the ones on my chin have reduced by half.

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