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She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Laura Bailey Porter

I feel really good about my skin. My breakouts have improved, and even when I do breakout now I’m able to reduce the duration of the irritation drastically. My skin feels and appears smoother, and my pores smaller, but definitely still need work (just keeping it real). I stopped using foundation for several months, and now wear a very light weight foundation just because I want to.

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She's a Sabbatical Beauty: Sasha

I’ve always been a skin care junkie. Trying this and that, all with ‘meh’ results. I’ve always felt like ‘maybe that’s it’ you know? Like my skin can’t get better no matter what. The products I’ve been using, even if they ‘work’ to some level, they stop doing so after 2-3 months and I’ll be on the hunt for the next thing to try. It was exhausting. It was a chore. Not once or twice that I’ve given up and just do nothing to my face.

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She's A Sabbatical Beauty: Carol Tang

Before I stumbled upon Sabbatical Beauty, I used to have extremely oily skin. Also, my pores are enlarged and clogged, so much so that I am every beauty counter/beautician’s dream come true because they have ‘just the product/treatment’ that I need. I used to buy products with claims to control oil or mattify my skin. And no matter what treatments or products that I use, nothing really worked. In fact, I’d be lucky if my skin did not react by producing even more oil! I did not like my skin. In any group photos, I will be the one shining beacon because with or without makeup, the oil will shine through that I eventually started to dislike taking photos.

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