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Rachel's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

I think my favourite product in the Summer Box is Janah’s Strawberry Exfoliating Toner (coming soon!). It just totally amplifies the power of all the other products that go on after, and smells just like strawberry seeds, which is my favourite scent. It’s so good for oil control, too, and works to resurface your skin so you always have a fresh new canvas ready to face (get it??) the day.

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Rachel's Third Week With The Summer Box

I’m really happy about how the Summer Box is working with my skin! It really seems to have products that everyone can use: there’s not a single product that excludes a certain skin type, for example; it even has a dry shampoo and most people have hair, right? It’s a superbly well-curated and universal box. I’m in Perth at the moment, where it is not actually summer, and my Summer Box routine still works like a charm: it provides enough hydration to battle cold winds, still keeps my acne and oil-production in check, and continues to deliver that killer glow!

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Rachel's Second Week With The Summer Box

The biggest change I’ve seen this week is definitely on my cheeks. They’ve been clearing up incredibly well – my left cheek in particular is a lot less inflamed, and no new spots are coming up. The right cheek is slowly getting there too. I can definitely feel a few big pimples waiting to pop up, but I’m confident that the summer box products (particularly the Strawberry Exfoliating Toner and Coconut Serum) will help me sort those out.

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Rachel's First Week With the Summer Box!

Of course, the very first thing I noticed about the Summer Box was the incredible range of scents! From the Strawberry Cocktail Toner (coming soon!) to the Bamboo Dry Shampoo to the Coconut Serum, you’ll be smelling like the perfect summer piña colada. Every product is also really light and easily absorbed, which is perfect for summer when everything, including your skin, just sort of feels… saturated.

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