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Julie's Fifth Week with the Summer Box

When I started the Summer Box program, my rosacea was doing its “being unpredictable” thing--super-red some days, not so red others, but annoying all the time. Now--like I said last week, the rosacea has stabilized with little noticeable redness on most days. I’ve also noticed that the Summer Box is amazing at taming my hormonal acne! I did have a breakout on my chin during my time with the box, but the products working together made the painful cystic bumps recede almost as quickly as they appeared! 

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Julie's Fourth Week With The Summer Box

As I’ve been consistently, systematically using the products from the Summer Box, I’ve noticed that my rosacea has stabilized somewhat. Even on days when it’s super-hot, I don’t get the excessive redness in my cheeks that I used to (of course, I still limit my time in the sun and wear SPF every day). Another thing that’s really great about using the products is that I don’t have nearly as many unpleasant skin surprises anymore. Although I do get the occasional hormonal breakout, I find that my skin looks balanced and plump day after day. It’s great to have that feeling of security! Click to watch Julie's Week 4 Summer Box Routine!

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Julie's Third Week With The Summer Box

The redness in my cheeks continues to dissipate, which is great as summer approaches. Although I am very careful to wear SPF daily and limit my time in the sun, high heat and humidity are major triggers for my rosacea. However, I’ve been impressed with what consistent care can do to soothe flare-ups. Today, I spent about an hour and a half walking outside in the sun and heat, and then later ate a spicy meal, and found my cheeks quite red this evening. I took extra care with my routine and even used some After Sun Face Balm Rescue, and discovered that the redness in my cheeks calmed down much more quickly!

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Julie's Second Week With The Summer Box

I am so glad for the many items in this box so that I can try different combinations and not feel like I’m going to run out of product too quickly. I’m a professor and it’s summer, so my financial cup isn’t exactly overflowing right now. The Summer Box is an incredible value; there’s a real feeling of abundance that comes with having all of these products and with the feeling that yes, I can use them every day, yes, I deserve to use them, and no, I don’t have to ration them out like they’re only for special occasions. Why is one day more special than any other?

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