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Deidre's Fifth Week With the Winter Box

Before the Winter Box, I used a lot of drug store products. I didn’t double cleanse. Washing my face felt like a chore and something my skin had to recover from. My skin would feel dr dry and papery. Now, washing my face is a gift. My skin feels so and nourished. Adding the rest of my routine just amplifies what is already there. I’m more confidence going without makeup, and I feel like the money I’m spending on SB products is paying off with real results. I look younger and revitalized.

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Deidre's Fourth Week With The Winter Box

 Along with the increased hydration, my skin is more resilient. Last year, I would have to re-apply moisturiser or use hydrating face mists periodically throughout the day. My makeup and the climate would drain all moisture from my face, and I would spend upwards of an hour applying so many products to try to restore it. But in the morning, I wouldn’t see great effects and would start all over again. Now, my skin seems to be working like skin should, protecting me from the weather. I credit the Winter Box for that.

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Deidre's Third Week with the Winter Box

 If you have SKIN--any kind of skin--I think this box is for you! Also, a word to all you folks who have oily but flaky skin. That’s usually because skin is still dehydrated. I had that too. Sabbatical Beauty has changed that. The best thing about this box is that you can put on as little or as much as you want, adapted to your skin’s needs.

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