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Dawn's Final Week with the Fall Box

Hello my Skin twins I am talking to you!! Do you have dry aging skin??? Well with the fall box those problems will be a thing of the past. Everything you need to stop the clock is in this box. All anti aging, brightening, moisturizing, dark spot removing  goodness is to be had! Turn back the clock on your aging skin, with the fall box.

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Dawn's Second Week with the Fall Box

Week 2 and I couldn’t be happier. Using the Fall Box has been nothing short of fantastic. I am seeing steady improvements. Each day the pores look finer, the age spots fade just a little more. The fine lines and wrinkles are a little less notable. The overall appearance of my skin has been smooth and hydrated.

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Dawn's First Week with the Fall Box

Being a Fall Box presenter has been such a lovely experience, not only have I been graced with the wonderful products to sample, I have been gifted with the most wonderful group of women!! The Sabbatical Beauty Facebook group is the place to be ladies! I have really enjoyed doing the lives. I have also greatly enjoyed watching my fellow presenters grow and gain confidence with every live they do. I  have found that the lives get easier each time for me too.

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